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city interventions 01
exhibition in Slovak national gallery, Bratislava
december 2008
Monika Lachmannová, Tomáš Žáček, Soňa Pohlová model: Tatjana Žáčková, Andrej Lachmann
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Where? At unkept “green islands” in the crossroads, at visible rest areas near traffic roads. Why? Economical, ecological and esthetical effect at the same time while creating public spaces, squares and streets. Show? With contrast connection of living nature and commercial advertisement , with the planting of greenery in the shape of logo, name of company or product. Advantages for the city? Nicer, greener and more colorful city, finances from renting plots, creation of job opportunities, maintenance of surfaces by operator of the advertisement live. Advantages for a client? non- conventional form of advertisement, green advertisement as a harmonic part of the city environment , a POSITIVE ADVERTISEMENT.

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