Turecka apartments

architectural study, project for building permission, implementation project
Turecka street, Senec
project - February 2011 - July 2011, built 2012
Tomáš Žáček, Soňa Pohlová
Igor Žáček
Jan Mazur
Phase of the project: 
built - finished in 2012

We were comissioned to design social and low cost / cheap housing. Our task to build as many small apartments as possible on an extremely difficult and limited plot was enriched by the locality in a very centre of the town Senec, close to one important historical building. Our main goal was to create an iconic, original building, pure with the volume as an opposite to patchy and chaotic surrounding development. According to very long and narrow plot, we used only one staircase for better use of the whole area. We used 11 two-storey flats, so all of them can have a generous terraces instead of the common corridor. The flats are social by the size and the cost, but with the spirit of large ones thanks to big windows, maximum use of space and all of them have either private garden or a terrace. For breaking the long corridor with light and nice view there is a green patio on the second floor.

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