architectural competition
Tallin, Estonia
May 2013
Tomáš Žáček, Soňa Pohlová, Igor Žáček, Roman Janata, Martin Rariga, Filip Marčák, Jakub Slameň, consultancy: 2ka Landscape architects
Phase of the project: 
1st honorable mention

Housing quarter Väike Oismäe in Tallin is example of successful solution for typical communistic panel housing neighbourhoods from 70-ties. Our task was to analyze positives of the structure and propose improvements. Greatest assets of panel housing neighbourhoods are grandiose public spaces, unfortunately without proper purpose. We proposed animal reserve around the central lake with adequate amount of greenery. Besides we proposed in the area series of pavilions with mixed function: wifi signal, animal feeder, meeting points, school lecture rooms. Whole concept is completed by smartphone application, local facebook group with social and education function.

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