Our project range is wide – from interiors, family houses, public and residential buildings to urbanism, urban and landscape design.
Recently we are specializing on affordable, experimental, energy efficient, social and collective housing.
We are offering services on all levels of project documentation. From preliminary study, planning application project, construction and realization project to cooperation thought construction process. Nice Architects are also offering consultation services in architectural and construction fields and technical due diligence.
Nice Architects - Architecture and Design www.nicearchitects.sk
Nice Visions - Architectural visualizations www.nicevisions.com


Our design process is influenced by experience and expertise acquired in world recognized offices as BIG, Dominique Perrault or 3XN.
Our proposals are always bringing new and fresh perception on tasks in architecture. Our work is characterized by rethinking old ways of creation, integrating knowledge of different professions as landscape design, technology, art, psychology, science, sociology and life itself. We are joining beauty, functionality and humanity into one complex entity. We always put lot of Love & Logic into all our projects. We are pushing limits as far beyond expectations as possible. We love to produce surprising ideas, optimistic visions, liveful strategies and innovative projects in the architecture and related fields.


RAH Competition - People's choice award + joint 2nd prize with project Adelaide Rocks alias The Hill, Australia 2013
Honorary mention - Architectural biennale Tallinn 2013
1st Price - Parkhill residential development 2012
3rd Prize - Danubiana Park - category Houseboat 2011

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