park in NOU

landscape design
NOU complex, Bratislava
June 2015 – September 2015
Soňa Pohlová, Monika Lachmannová, Tomáš Žáček
Soňa Pohlová
Phase of the project: 

One part of unused grass surface near the entrance of NOU (National oncological institute) complex was converted to leisure park. The relaxing space is defined by concrete tiles raster. Laying of the tiles creates corners for benches, which together with carefully chosen different plant highs provide various levels of intimacy and relax. This walk-able area is lined by flowerbed consisting of plants with low intensity of maintenance. The plants choice was focused on creating of scented garden, which positively affects patients and visitors. Important criteria were also that the plants bloom in as wide period as possible. Low planting is supported by small trees in a way offering high level of intimacy of the bench sittings. Relaxing area is designed also to be a natural pathway through it. In the middle, there is a small square, where in the future will be located artistic statues, and until that time there is put a mobile greenery. New exterior lighting is added to the area to support pleasant atmosphere.

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