“North star” apartments

architectural study, project for building permission, implementation project
Moyzesova street, Senec
July 2011 - Januar 2012
Tomáš Žáček, Soňa Pohlová, Igor Žáček
Tomáš Manina, Soňa Pohlová
Phase of the project: 
under construction

The apartment house “North star” is situated in the centre of Senec. Our goal was to design a building to unite surrounded built-up area, to use a nice view, but keep a certain intimacy of the flats because of the close proximity of the road. The system of covered balconies provides a sufficient intimacy on the exposed street façade, but still we get a lot of natural light into the spaces. The balconie´s walls shaping is based on the movement of the sun. It gives the façade a unique architectonical look. This shape creates together a star-like shapes while moving on the road – it reflects a presence of an observatory across the street. A green “zen” atrium gives the building an added value, a space for the rest and peaceful times spent for all inhabitants.

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