living courtyard

Idea study
Medzi jarkami, Bratislava, Vrakuňa
april 2008
Soňa Pohlová, Tomáš Žáček, Igor Žáček

How to add a value to space between panel houses in the famous bratislava “drug” suburb?
How to create public space, even if people don´t know meaning of it?
How to save design idea in project divided into many time sequences and mass unlimited phases?
We decided to insert into space elements from peoples private space, elements that people know like living room, sleeping room, kitchen, reading room. Like they put their private stuff outside to public space to make it their own. Basic element is lanscape module which comes from or is exterior mirror of panel house modules. Our module has many parameters, which combinations determines the module, combinations will be specified by people from surrounding at the next phase of the project. Most of the modules is linked with relax running track.
Modules can be added, when you have mood, money and time.

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