competition entry
Gerulatska street, Bratislava - Rusovce, Slovakia
march 2013
Tomas Žáček, Soňa Pohlová, Igor Žáček, Roman Janata , Hana Laššová, Miloš Hájnik, Jana Štefanková

Gerulata is prime roman archeological site located in Rusovce near Bratislava. It is preparing for registration to UNESCO World Heritage List. Architectural competition for new museum is part of this attempt. Task was to create modern museum presenting historical exhibits in situ, accommodating increased visitors capacity and permitting further archeological works on the site. Spatial layout of the traditional roman villa was offering itself as a progressive solution for the needs of upcoming museum. Opening introvert form towards the ruins helped to create harmonic union with the rest of the area. Functions arranged around atrium are offering advantages of the simple operation. Atrium itself with covered gallery is proposed as an open public space dedicated to temporary events such as theatre or roman fair. Most exposed facade oriented to Gerulatska street carries resemblance to roman tents by using concrete canvas as prime material of the waved wall.

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